About the DDT Divas Staff

Sade Hale–Editor-in-Chief

Sade Hale is a writer and media practitioner from Washington, D.C.  In 2010, she enrolled in Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. While at Kent State, Sade studied News with a concentration in Magazine Journalism and Pan-African Studies. In 2014, she graduated from Kent State University.

After college, Sade wanted to find a way to combine her hobbies with her passion for writing. One of Sade’s favorite hobbies is watching and discussing pro-wrestling because she has been an avid fan since a very young age.

Soon Sade found several online wrestling groups and began to interact with fellow wrestling fans from all over the world. In 2017, she was inspired to create a pro-wrestling blog, but she knew the wrestling blog scene can be super competitive. Sade knew she had to find a smaller niche.

After talking to a few of her wrestling friends, Sade had an idea:  to create a pro-wrestling blog for Black women who love pro-wrestling. About a year later, DDT Divas was launched. In the future, Sade plans to launch a DDT Divas podcast and turn DDT Divas into a brand.