Wednesday Night Wars Review Criteria

Due to popular demand! We will be releasing our very own Wednesday Night Wars review. But we are going to do things a little different.

We knew we couldn’t write a fair and thorough review just based on one or two shows. No, we are reviewing both shows after a six-week period (6 episodes).


Match quality, Match card chemistry, Too many matches, Not enough matches, Exciting matches, etc.


Quality, Meaningfulness, End result, Memorable, etc.


Is it good storytelling? Meaningful storytelling?

Production Value

Set design, Camera Angles, Editing, Pyro, etc.


 Google Trends and Twitter Hashtag.

Show Opening

Was it exciting? Was it meaningful? Was it the best way to open the show?

Show Closing

Was it exciting? Was it meaningful? Was it the best way to close the show?

Commentary Team

Exciting, Error-free, Informative, etc.


Surprising moments? Exciting matches? Exciting spots? Surprising appearance? 

Championship matches

Good quality, Title changes, Excitement, etc.


Rating numbers

Be sure to check out our official Wednesday Night War Review when it’s published the week of November 10.